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El Observador Foundation, INC. was founded in 1983 for the purpose of helping the Hispanic community presently residing in the San Francisco Bay Metropolitan Area which includes three major cities: San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland.


The El Observador Foundation's focus is to provide these funds as grants-in-aid, scholarships, internships, vocational training, apprenticeships and for community based organizational development. This foundation strives to address within the Hispanic community the educational development of its youth residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Three months interships in journalism were sponsored to assist over10 Latino students majoring in journalism and mass communication to complete their requirements at community colleges and universities located in the South San Francisco Bay Area. These institutions, to date, include Stanford, Santa Clara University, San Jose State University, University of California at Berkeley and Santa Cruz and several community colleges (Mission, Foothill, Evergreen, De Anza, San Jose City College, etc.). One former intern is now a news reporter and program porducer for a local TV station; another is the Public Information Officer for a PAC 10 universtiy, and a third is now a staff writer for Sports Illustrated (en Español) magazine.


Scholarships are provided to individuals, usually Latino or persons of color, who were unsuccessful in obtaining assistance through mainstream organizations, government programs and other sources. To date scholarship assistance have helped one single mother finish her degree in accounting at San Jose State University (a six year effort for a part time student-mother who had several part time jobs). This individual now is purchasing her own home and has purchased and is successfully operating a business. Since she is fluent in both English and Spanish languages, many of her clients are Spanish language dependent. Also, during the IRS tax filing season ending on April 15th each year she trains and employs others to assist her clients.

Fiscal agent (comptroller) services: At least once a year a community based organization requests and is provided assistance through services provided as their comptroller or fiscal agent. Usually these cbo's are in the process of establishing their own non-profit status while being assisted.


These have been made to assist families with needed funding for matters such as rental deposits and helping meet the funding of uninsured burials.

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With your support, El Observador Foundation will keep contribuiting to the hispanic community.